Hook up two computers to one internet connection

2007-01-30: if you have a broadband connection to the internet (dsl service or a cable modem), then you already have a fast enough connection to share with multiple computersthe trouble is, most cable and dsl modems have just one jack to connect a personal computer to, usually via an ethernet cable but you have multiple computers. One perhaps over-simplified approach is to simply alternate connections between the two: each time a computer on your lan requests a data connection to an internet resource that data connection is made using one of the two available internet connections. Finally, outside the home, portable computers can also reach the internet via wi-fi hotspots, hardware access points installed in fixed locations that are in turn networked to internet service through one of the other above methods. To connect a router to your computer with a wireless connection: plug one end of an ethernet cable into your modem plug the other end of the ethernet cable into the internet, uplink, wan or wlan port on your router.

If you have a broadband modem or one that is supplied from your internet service provider (isp) you can most probably connect two computers to it without needing a router if you look at the picture of my modem below, it has a usb (blue) and a ethernet (yellow) port. That device allows more computers to connect as if they were just one through a process called network address translation computers also include wifi devices like ipads, android tablets, etc. If you need to connect two computers to one monitor you will first have to get a switch box after that you will be able to connect the two computers to the monitor through the switch box.

How to connect two routers on one home network using a lan cable stock router netgear/tp-link how to connect two routers on one home network using a lan cable stock router netgear/tp-link. To directly connect your modem into your computer you will need access to your shaw internet modem and will need to use an ethernet cable (was included with your shaw internet modem) on the back of your modem, locate the port labelled either ethernet or 1 or lan1 and connect the ethernet cable into this port. I have one wireless usb thingy, but i have two desktop computers that i want to go online with is it possible to connect a router to the one computer online, and then hook up the other through this stack exchange network. Connecting three or more computers in order to physically connect three or more computers, you should use crossover ethernet cable you must be able to plug the ethernet cables into a device that will allow signals to be transmitted to one another. The easiest way to connect multiple computers to one monitor is to first check the back of your monitor to see how many inputs there are on my monitor, i have an hdmi port, a dvi port and one vga port.

Best person to answer your question is internet cafe they have multiple computers installed on a single dial up connection still for your instant info: i think you need an external dial-up modem, thru which you can connect 2 computers & use both of them simueltaneously further if you want to increase the browsing speed you need install a router. How to connect 2 computers to internet with a switch if isp gave me 1 ip obviously, if i set the same ip on both pcs, one of them will not connect one of them will not connect both computers are running windows 7 (but answer stack exchange network i suggest the share internet connection from windows 7 capability, but the you. Use a crossover ethernet cable to physically connect two computers installing a second network card on one of the computers enables both machines to access the internet via one connection. Connect one ethernet cable into the internet out or to computer jack on the back of the modem connect the other end of the ethernet cable into the connection in or internet jack on the rear of the router. However there are some disadvantages by using this approach firstly, the main computer that shares dial up connection needs to be up whenever second computer needs to have access to internet.

Hook up two computers to one internet connection

More and more households are connecting to the internet, and people are looking for ways to keep the costs for this service in check additionally, it's now commonplace for a household to have two or more computers if your second computer has a wireless card, you can connect it to your existing computer and internet service setup with little. A switch is a device that allows multiple computers to connect to one internet connection unlike a network hub, which serves a similar purpose, a switch has the ability to manage the traffic that passes through it. Start menu - network connections - right click on you're wireless connection - properties - advanced tab, tick allow other notwork users to connect through this computer's internet connection. Makes it easier to manage one network than two other than that it only matters if you plan to network your computers together like sharing a printer etc if all you need is internet for all clients then my suggestion is easier to set up, but as a purist the other suggestion is easier to manage.

  • Connect the two computers use an ethernet cable to connect your two computers to one another you'll need an ethernet to usb-c adapter to plug into your mac's thunderbolt 3 port before you can attach an ethernet cable to the mac.
  • First, if you only wish to share internet connection and not files, both computers need not belong to the same workgroup all you need to do is to connect the two computers with the ethernet crossover cable, and then turn on internet connection sharing in the computer that already has an internet connection.
  • There could be two ways of making connection or lan between two computers, either wired or wireless how do i set up wired lan between two computers and share internet connection setting up a wired lan connection is the simplest of all however to do this you would need to purchase a switch.

My computer is on a home wireless network with 3 other computers, all of the other computers connect to the internet and work mine suddenly won't connect anymore. It’s possible to connect to the internet via a range of devices these days — though desktop and laptop computers, mobile phones and tablets are the most common however, everyday items such as watches, even central heating systems and refrigerators, are now capable of using the internet. We have one computer (downstairs) hooked up to a cable modem through charter communications and we just got another computer (upstairs) that is currently hooked to aol dial up. Running two routers off of one cable internet connection allows you to do many things, including increase the number of computers at your business that you can connect to the internet or set up.

Hook up two computers to one internet connection
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